Neodymium MagnetsNeodymium magnets contain Neodymium which is one of the Lanthanide series of rare earth metals and appears as element number 60 on the Periodic Table. Neodymium magnets themselves are actually made of a combination of Neodymium, Iron and Boron and hence they are sometimes referred to as Neodym, Neod, Neo, NIB or NdFeB.

Magnets made from Neodymium are very strong and versatile and are supplied to work at normal room temperatures. Magnets are available to work at higher temperatures but these are more expensive.

Neodymium magnets are usually coated in nickel, tin, zinc, phosphate, gold, silver, PTFE (known under the trade name Tefl on) or epoxy resin to prevent the iron core of the magnet rusting. Uncoated Neodymium magnets are also available.

At Guy’s Magnets we stock disks, rods, cubes, spheres, rings and blocks from grades 30-52. Neodymium magnets have a relatively low maximum operating temperature of 80C. The majority of our magnets have this temperature band, however, we do stock some H (120C), SH (150C) and UH(180C) grades.

Neodymium magnets are often used for special effects in films such as Harry Potter, Tomb Raider and Thunderbirds. In Harry Potter and Thunderbirds they were used to make things appear to levitate, while in Tomb Raider they were used to hold ‘bombs’ underneath a table! They are also used to levitate Maglev trains, which are both faster and quieter than wheeled carriages, and are capable of reaching speeds of 581 km/h (361 mph).

Neodymium magnets are also used in magnetic water conditioners, fuel efficiency devices, magical tricks, sensors, speakers, separators, holding devices, actuators, magnetic bearings and motors. They are also found in slot car games like Scalextric and for holding dummies to the reborn berenger dolls. Some of our product range is even found in a well known manufacturer’s domestic boiler! Other uses can be seen here.

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20 March 2012

Hi, my magnets arrived this morning in perfect condition and I just had to email and say thank you. These are exactly what I was needing. I bought them for holding my scissors and needles where I can reach them while cross stitching. I had bought 2 from a craft store and they cost more than your pack of 10. I needed more but refused to pay another £6.50 for 2 and was delighted when I saw your listing. I have sent all my cross stitch friends the link to your listing. I put one magnet on each side of my fabric. One set to hold my scissors and one set to hold my needles. The rest of them are used for holding charts in place or keeping book pages open. I will probably end up ordering more as I normally have a few projects on the go at once and there is nothing worse than having to transfer items from one project to another, I like to be able to just pick up and start. So once again, thank you ever so much for such a fantastic product at an incredibly low price.

- Ms L P, Kiltarlity, Scotland