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Beer Magnet

Beer Magnet

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  • Fits pipes and beer lines up to 25mm/1" in diameter
  • Easy to fit, DIY skills not required
  • Includes 2 cable ties
  • Comprises 2 yellow plastic shells each with a steel plate and a neodymium magnet.

Reduce the build up of yeast, oxalates and sugar particles in your beer lines!

What it's made of

It is a Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnetic assembly. Each half is made up of a yellow plastic shell in which a neodymium N38H grade block and a mild steel plate is fitted. The mild steel plate has the effect of focusing the magnetism downwards into whatever it is attached to. Each block has reads 3500 Gauss in the centre of the plastic shell. The neodymium block has then been coated to protect it because of its' iron content which, as we all know, rusts if exposed to wet or damp conditions.

We have used Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) because it is the strongest magnetic material available capable of lifting approximately 1000 times its own weight by magnetism alone. Furthermore NdFeB magnets are permanent which means that the magnetism is never lost providing that it is not exposed to temperatures greater than 80°c. Most NdFeB magnets start to demagnetise at this temperature and demagnetisation is total at 120°c. However, this unit has an H grade magnet which means that it operates at higher temperatures and does not start to demagnetise until 120°c. Interestingly, a NdFeB magnet loses about 2% of its’ magnetic strength in the first 20 years of being magnetised but after this it does not lose any. This does rely on the protective coating remaining intact since rust will also cause a loss of magnetic strength.

Fit it without any DIY skills

The Beer Magnet will fit on to any normal beer line. Simply secure it onto the line as close to the barrel/keg as possible using the cable ties provided. If you need to relocate the magnets, cut/remove the cable tie and re-fit it using the same or a new cable ties (available for most DIY stores). Because of the strength of the magnets, only ONE Beer Magnet is required per beer line.

Full fitting instructions are supplied with each Beer Magnet.

How and why it works

The magnetic field created by the magnets 'excites' the particles in the liquid and makes it harder for them to stick together or to the inside of the beer line. Instead, the particles remain in suspension within the beer. Because the beer is unaltered, this magnet will work with lager, bitter, mild, stout, ales and any other draft beer.

What happens once it's installed

The majority of particles remain in suspension and are carried through the line with the beer. The build up still occurs but very much more slowly. This means that instead of needing to clear the line every week, cleaning can be reduced to once every 2-3 weeks. This saves the publican money in 'wasted' beer which is flushed during cleaning and money in chemicals to clean the lines.

Average Savings

  • Each line is normally cleaned once a week. If this is reduced to once every 3 weeks this is 35 fewer cleanings.
  • Each cleaning costs the publican approximately 3 pints when the line is flushed.
  • Each pint has a cost price of approximately £1.00
  • This is a saving of £105.00 per line per annum.


Each half is:

  • Length: 25mm
  • Width: 32mm
  • Height: 10mm

Our price means that the cost of the magnet is recouped in the first 2 weeks of fitting!

Length32 mm
Width25 mm
Thickness10 mm
Max Temp50°C / 122°F
Weight0.052 Kg
Beer Magnet

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