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Gas Miser

Gas Miser

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  • Fits pipes up to 25mm/1" in diameter
  • Easy to fit, DIY skills not required
  • Includes 2 cable ties
  • Comprises 2 yellow plastic shells each with a steel plate and a neodymium magnet.

We all know that gas prices are spiralling and that we all want to save money if possible. This is a top quality, but reasonably priced way to doing just that.

What it's made of

The Gas Miser is a scaled down version of the unit that we sell to businesses. The bigger units are achieving approximately 20% gas savings in industrial applications and at least one of our satisfied business customers has carried out controlled tests with and without the units in identical conditions. This customer meters their use per electro-plating 'run' and they have quantified their savings at 20%. Another satisfied industrial customer has quantified results of 16% on a blast furnace.

It is a Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnetic assembly. Each half is made up of a yellow plastic shell in which a neodymium N38H grade block and a mild steel plate is fitted. The mild steel plate has the effect of focusing the magnetism downwards into whatever it is attached to. Each block has reads 3500 Gauss in the centre of the plastic shell. The neodymium block has then been coated to protect it because of its' iron content which, as we all know, rusts if exposed to wet or damp conditions.

We have used Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) because it is the strongest magnetic material available capable of lifting approximately 1000 times its own weight by magnetism alone. Furthermore NdFeB magnets are permanent which means that the magnetism is never lost providing that it is not exposed to temperatures greater than 80°c. Most NdFeB magnets start to demagnetise at this temperature and demagnetisation is total at 120°c. However, this unit has an H grade magnet which means that it operates at higher temperatures and does not start to demagnetise until 120°c. Interestingly, a NdFeB magnet loses about 2% of its’ magnetic strength in the first 20 years of being magnetised but after this it does not lose any. This does rely on the protective coating remaining intact since rust will also cause a loss of magnetic strength.

Fit it without any DIY skills

The Gas Miser units will work on pipes of up to 1 inches/25 mm in diameter. The Gas Miser is also really easy to fit. Simply secure the two halves to the pipe with the cable tie provided. If you move house or have a new boiler installed you can cut/remove the cable tie and re-fit it using the same or a new cable tie (available for most DIY stores). Full fitting instructions are supplied with each Gas Miser.

How and why it works

This is not an easy question to answer. The chemical composition of the gas does not alter in any way and the amount of energy (in Joules) released by burning 1 mol of Propane or Butane (which is what most of our natural gas is) is a well known and documented fact.

The affect of magnetic fields on flames was reported in the Physica B journal in January 1996 (volume 216 pages 403-405) by Nobuko Wakayama and Masaaki Sugie who were (and may still be) at the National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research in Japan.

These two scientists found that the magnetic field did not affect the gas in any way. However, adding the magnetic field caused the gas to become slightly magnetised. Oxygen is a paramagnetic gas which means that it is attracted to a magnetic field. This means that there is more oxygen attracted to the flame than usual and a better Oxygen/Gas mix is achieved. Because of the better mix, the flame becomes ever so slightly shorter and brighter but the temperature at which the gas is burnt increases from about 780°C up to nearly 900°C.

The increase in temperature means that the gas is more completely burnt producing a cleaner, more efficient burnt. In turn, this means that the exhaust leaving the boiler contains significantly less unburnt gas and the level of Carbon Monoxide (which should never be very high anyway) is almost non-existent. In addition, there are less soot deposits within your boiler which will help to extend the life of your boiler.

What happens once it's installed

Once the unit is fitted, the flame temperature will increase and this means that the heat being produced in the radiators and hot water has increased. The next time the boiler fires the radiators and hot water tank will be hotter than before. This means that you can slowly reduce the temperature on your boiler (NOT YOUR HOT WATER TANK) over the next several hours/days until they feel about the same as they used to. It does take some time to get right.

You are now saving money on your gas because less gas is being burnt by your boiler!


Each half is:

  • Length: 25mm
  • Width: 32mm
  • Height: 10mm
Length32 mm
Width25 mm
Thickness10 mm
Max Temp50°C / 122°F
Weight0.052 Kg
Gas Miser

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