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Guys Magnets Gas / Fuel Miser / Limescale Goodbye Pro

Guys Magnets Gas / Fuel Miser / Limescale Goodbye Pro

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  • Fits pipes and beer lines up to 60mm/2.25" in diameter
  • Easy to fit, DIY skills not required
  • 2 person fitting recommended due to stength of magnets
  • Hex-bolt key supplied
  • Comprises 2 green aluminium halves with 4 hex-bolts

This is our industrial size unit and has been used on for larger scale applications such as electroplating, lorries, boats, swimming pools etc.

Fit it without any DIY skills

The aluminium housings are designed to fit snuggly around pipes of up to 2.25 inches/60 mm in Diameter. Because of the strength of the magnets, we recommend that fitting is carried out by two people. Simply unscrew the 4 hex-bolts and carefully place the halves around the pipe. Once in place, screw the two halves back together using the hex bolts and the allen key supplied.

How and why it works - Fuel / Gas

This is not an easy question to answer. The chemical composition of the gas does not alter in any way and the amount of energy (in Joules) released by burning 1 mol of Propane or Butane (which is what most of our natural gas is) is a well known and documented fact.

The affect of magnetic fields on flames was reported in the Physica B journal in January 1996 (volume 216 pages 403-405) by Nobuko Wakayama and Masaaki Sugie who were (and may still be) at the National Institute of Materials and Chemical Research in Japan.

These two scientists found that the magnetic field did not affect the gas in any way. However, adding the magnetic field caused the gas to become slightly magnetised. Oxygen is a paramagnetic gas which means that it is attracted to a magnetic field. This means that there is more oxygen attracted to the flame than usual and a better Oxygen/Gas mix is achieved. Because of the better mix, the flame becomes ever so slightly shorter and brighter but the temperature at which the gas is burnt increases from about 780°C up to nearly 900°C.

The increase in temperature means that the gas is more completely burnt producing a cleaner, more efficient burnt. In turn, this means that the exhaust leaving the boiler contains significantly less unburnt gas and the level of Carbon Monoxide (which should never be very high anyway) is almost non-existent. In addition, there are less soot deposits within the boiler which will help to extend it's life.

How and why it works - Water

Recent research suggests that the magnetic field causes the atoms within the molecules to have very slightly different angles between them which makes them less 'sticky'. Attach the Limescale Goodbye around the mains water pipe, the boiler water inlet pipe, or on the hot or cold water tank inlet pipes and the magnetic fields which are generated excites the calcium and magnesium carbonates in the water flowing through the plumbing. This stops the limescale crystals from sticking on the inside of the pipe or on the heating elements in your washing machine or hot water tank. Instead, the limescale forms low density, and almost invisible, "snowflakes" which flush through your pipes.

What happens once it's installed - Gas / Fuel

Once the unit is fitted, the flame temperature will increase and this means that the heat being produced has increased. The next time the boiler fires the output will be hotter than before. This means that you can slowly reduce the temperature, over the next several hours/days, until the output temperature returns to normal. It does take some time to get right.

You are now saving money on your gas because less gas is being burnt by the boiler!

What happens once it's installed - Water

The limescale particles which have already formed within the plumbing will be flushed straight through so the water may appear cloudy. However, the chemical composition of the water is unaltered so it remains safe to drink and bathe. You will be able to start reducing your detergent use over the first few weeks until you are using the soft water amounts recommended by the manufacturers. You will find that shampoo, bath and shower products produce more lather and, therefore, you can reduce the amount used. Over time existing build up will be reduced.

Length108 mm
Width88.4 mm
Thickness72 mm
Max Temp80°C / 176°F
Weight1.074 Kg
Gas / Fuel Miser / Limescale Goodbye Pro

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