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Magnetic Therapy Bracelet - Silver - with bag and tool

Magnetic Therapy Bracelet - Silver - with bag and tool

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  • This is a high quality steel bracelet which is has a stainless steel high gloss finish.
  • Each bracelet contains 15 links each of which has one Neodymium magnet within it.
  • Each link has a steel plate enclosed behind the magnet which has the effect of focusing the magnetic field into your wrist.
  • Each magnet generates 2000 gauss.
  • The south pole of each magnet is against your skin.
  • Maximum length of bracelet 21.5cm (8.4")
  • Supplied with a tool for adjusting the length and instructions.

The boring safety bit:

  • Not to be used by people with a pacemaker
  • Not to be used by people with an insulin pump
  • Not advised to be used during pregnancy
  • Not to be used over an open wound or cut
  • Keep away from magnetic storage media such as credit cards
  • Avoid contact between the bracelet and televisions, computers, mobile phones and other magnetically sensitive equipment

"A Study of people with diagnosed arthritis and pain in their hips and knees found that wearing the bracelets reduced the amount of painkillers they needed to take, and the stronger the bracelet the greater the effect." Daily Telegraph 17 December 2004

How do they work?

According to William Pawluk, the American physician and former Vice President of the North American Academy of Magnetic Therapy, in summing up 30 years work “People are not biochemical but magnetic. My experience is that chronic diseases are the direct result of disturbances in our magnetic fields. Unfortunately, science currently sees the body mainly as a biochemical unit and is therefore primarily pharmaceutically oriented.” 

Professor Wolfgang Kafka believes that before disturbances from new technologies the earths natural magnetic fields recharged us with energy that gave us vitality and health. 

In an article called Medical Magnetic Fields, William Pawlluk described humans as large electromagnets. “We need a booster in the form of additional magnetic fields because of the disturbances that Professor Wolfgang Kafka describes. Hence the use of a magnetic rings, bracelets, pads, insoles and pads.” William Pawluk went on to say “magnets speed up the healing process, decrease pain and increase blood flow, which means you have more oxygen and waste products are eliminated more quickly. They also have a direct effect on biochemical processes in cells. Even after therapy has ended, its effects continue for weeks”.

Get the best results

To get the best from your bracelet it should fit closely (but not tightly) to the skin. To achieve this, you might need to have links removed from the bracelet. Normally, this would mean a trip to a jeweller and, normally, a charge for having the links removed.

Why pay a Jeweller to adjust your bracelet?

This bracelet is supplied with a special tool to enable you adjust it at home!

Length218 mm
Weight0.02 Kg
Magnetic Therapy Bracelet - Silver - with bag and tool

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