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Can I put two pieces of flexible magnetic strip together?

All flexible magnetic strip is magnetised in alternating bands of North and South Magnetisation and each band runs the entire length of the strip. 

The 12.5mm and 25mm widths of flexible strip have the same magnetic polarity on the outside edges so they do not marry up properly and are offset by the thickness of magentic bands.  To address this issue, we sell these widths in A form and B form which are magnetised with opposite polarities.  Using a length of both A and B forms will ensure that the strip aligns at the outside edges.

The 20mm and 50mm widths of flexible strip are what is known as 'Mating' and the outside edges have opposite polarity to each other.  Therefore, to get them to align correctly, cut a second length, and spin it through 180° and bring the black sides together and they will align.