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What magnets do I need for my guitar pickup?

We are not experts on guitars or on pick ups but we hope the following is useful:

Different Guitars require different magnets for different strings. The following are the details of different types of pickups for different guitars:

Useful Information

  • Tele® bridge pickups are always south up.
  • Tele® neck pickups were north up but became south up in the mid 1950s.
  • Strat® were north up until 1960 when they became south up and remained this way with the exception of some of the newer models such as the 'Texas Specials'.
  • From 1957 the Jazzmaster has a north and south to make them hum-cancelling in the middle position. The same is true of the Jaguar, Mustang and Jazz Bass-paralleling Gibsons' new humbucking pickup.
  • The P-Bass has one part of the pickup north and the other south to make it hum-cancelling. Early P-Basses with the Tele-style headstock had a Strat-shaped single coil pickup Gibson P90s are always south up and the PAF humbuckers are south on the screwside and north up on the slug side.

Guitar pick up diagram Strat 1970s flush polepieces

Guitar pick up diagram Strat vintage staggered polepieces

Guitar pick up diagram Tele bridge pickup staggered polepieces

Guitar pick up diagram Tele neck pickup 

How many Fuel Misers do I need?

  • The units can be used on ANY engine be it car, van, boat, outboard, large goods vehicle, bus, motorbike, scooter, large plant, etc. With bigger engines, more than one pair of units may be required.
  • It is suitable for vehicles with fuel injectors, turbochargers or normally aspirated and with or without catalytic converters.
  • Diesel engines with mechanical injectors require one pair of units on EACH injector line.
  • As a rule of thumb, you will need one unit for every 1200cc. So for a 2 litre vehicle we would recommend two units.
  • On large diesel engines (including lorries, boats, combine harvesters etc) you will need one Fuel Miser on each injector line.
  • We have satisfied customers who are reporting up to 29% fuel savings although our testing has produced results in the region of 5-8%.
  • Other suppliers claim that the magnets improve the performance of the vehicle, we have not found this in our testing on a reasonably modern car but some improvement may be seen on older vehicles.
  • The magnets should be kept a reasonable distance (30cm) from any computer on your vehicle.
  • If you replace your vehicle, simply cut the cable tie and remove the Fuel Miser units and then, using a new cable tie available from all DIY/Hardware retailers, fix it to your new vehicle.

Are your magnets permanent or will they loose strength?

ALL the magnets we sell are permanent and do not require electricity to work. Craft magnets are susceptible to mechanical wear (knocks or dropping) and will loose magnetism as a result. Neodymium magnets loose 2% of their magnetism in the first 20 years after being magnetised and NONE after that.

Can I put two pieces of flexible magnetic strip together?

All flexible magnetic strip is magnetised in alternating bands of North and South Magnetisation and each band runs the entire length of the strip. 

The 12.5mm and 25mm widths of flexible strip have the same magnetic polarity on the outside edges so they do not marry up properly and are offset by the thickness of magentic bands.  To address this issue, we sell these widths in A form and B form which are magnetised with opposite polarities.  Using a length of both A and B forms will ensure that the strip aligns at the outside edges.

The 20mm and 50mm widths of flexible strip are what is known as 'Mating' and the outside edges have opposite polarity to each other.  Therefore, to get them to align correctly, cut a second length, and spin it through 180° and bring the black sides together and they will align.

How many Limescale Goodbye units will I need?

If you want to condition your cold water you will need at least one, on the mains water pipe above the stopcock. Depending on the size of your house you may also need one on a cold water tank (UK only). To condition your hot water you will need at least one on the pipe going into your hot water tank.

Will a magnetic bracelet work on my knee, hip, back etc?

Yes. The study that was carried out in 2004 showed that pain relief was achieved in patients with long term hip and knee pain by wearing a bracelet. The magnets do not need to be at the site of the pain to have a beneficial effect. The study found that the stronger the magnet, the quicker the result and that polarity did not seem to have an effect.


Neodymium Magnets

Neodymium magnets contain Neodymium which is one of the Lanthanide series of rare earth metals and appears as element number 60 on the Periodic Table. Neodymium magnets themselves are actually made of a combination of Neodymium, Iron and Boron and hence they are sometimes referred to as Neodym, Neod, Neo, NIB or NdFeB.

Magnets made from Neodymium are very strong and versatile and are supplied to work at normal room temperatures. Magnets are available to work at higher temperatures but these are more expensive.

Neodymium magnets are usually coated in nickel, tin, zinc, phosphate, gold, silver, PTFE (known under the trade name Tefl on) or epoxy resin to prevent the iron core of the magnet rusting. Uncoated Neodymium magnets are also available.

At Guy’s Magnets we stock disks, rods, cubes, spheres, rings and blocks from grades 30-52. Neodymium magnets have a relatively low maximum operating temperature of 80C. The majority of our magnets have this temperature band, however, we do stock some H (120C), SH (150C) and UH(180C) grades.

Neodymium magnets are often used for special effects in films such as Harry Potter, Tomb Raider and Thunderbirds. In Harry Potter and Thunderbirds they were used to make things appear to levitate, while in Tomb Raider they were used to hold ‘bombs’ underneath a table! They are also used to levitate Maglev trains, which are both faster and quieter than wheeled carriages, and are capable of reaching speeds of 581 km/h (361 mph).

Neodymium magnets are also used in magnetic water conditioners, fuel efficiency devices, magical tricks, sensors, speakers, separators, holding devices, actuators, magnetic bearings and motors. They are also found in slot car games like Scalextric and for holding dummies to the reborn berenger dolls. Some of our product range is even found in a well known manufacturer’s domestic boiler!

Bonded Neodymium is made by binding rapid-quenching neodymium (NdFeB) powder with a resin. This is then either compression moulded with epoxy or injection moulded with nylon. The resultant magnets have high dimensional accuracy, are less brittle than normal neodymium magnets but are also less powerful. Being less brittle, they can be more easily made into thin walled ring magnets.

Samarium Cobalt Magnets

Samarium Cobalt magnets (SmCo) are composed of Samarium, Cobalt and Iron. Samarium is element number 62 on the Periodic Table and is one of the Lanthanide series of rare earth metals. Rare earth magnets are extremely strong for their size, are metallic in appearance and tend to be made into many different shapes such as rings, blocks and discs.

Samarium Cobalt is more expensive that neodymium but has the significant advantage of working at high temperatures (up to 350 C). Just as important is the fact that these magnets don’t rust. One notable disadvantage, however, is that samarium cobalt magnets are very brittle and allowing two magnets to jump together will certainly cause either or both to shatter.

At Guy’s Magnets we stock Samarium Cobalt magnets in grades from 18-32 (MGOe of 18-32).

Samarium cobalt is the choice of the world’s F1 racing teams who use these heat tolerant magnets in the braking systems of their cars as they will remain active at high enough temperatures to cope with the severe braking conditions that make F1 cars’ ceramic bakes glow with heat!

These magnets are also used in the oil business, as they are able to cope with the extreme temperatures produced by drilling through solid rock.

Bonded Samarium Cobalt is made by using binders, such as epoxy resins, to hold the powder in place rather than sintering the alloy (compressing it under very high pressure into a mould). This means that they are less brittle than normal Samarium Cobalt magnets but also less powerful.

AlNiCo Magnets

AlNiCo is one of the oldest magnet compounds available. The name is simply derived from the elements used, namely Aluminium (Al), Nickel (Ni) and Cobalt (Co).

AlNiCo alloys make powerful permanent magnets that possess strong magnetic fields. However, they can be demagnetised very easily by placing like poles together. One significant advantage is that alnico can work at the highest operating temperature of any magnet (up to 550oC) and offers good stability when used across a wide magnetic field.

AlNiCo is produced by either a casting or sintering process. Cast AlNiCo magnets are more expensive but are magnetically stronger, with finer tolerances and a more consistent magnetism. Sintered AlNiCo is made from a powdered mixture that is pressed into a die under tons of pressure, sintered in a hydrogen atmosphere.

Sintered AlNiCo magnets in grades from 2 to 8 (MGOe 1.5-4) and Cast AlNiCo in grades from 5 to 8 (MGOe 5.3-7.5). The range includes blocks and rods including those for making guitar rods and amplifier pick ups. Note: Alcomax 3 is another name for AlNiCo 5.

At Guy’s Magnets, we only stock cast AlNiCo.

Ferrite Magnets

Ceramic magnets are also known as Ferrite because they’re made from Strontium Ferrite which includes the element Strontium (Sr) an alkali earth metal that is number 38 on the Periodic Table. Ceramic magnets can also be made from Barium although the use of this has decreased because of the toxicity involved in making Barium Ferrite compared to Strontium based options. Barium Ferrite magnets are now rarely used with the exception of the manufacture of speaker rings where sound system manufacturers believe they contribute to a higher quality sound.

Products from our ceramic range have been used in stair lifts, guitar amplifier pick-ups, sensors, switches and for ferrous metal separation in mining and water conditioners. They are also very popular for craft and artistic applications.

Flexible Magnets

Flexible magnet is made of ferrite magnet powder embedded in extruded matrix, usually PVC. It is magnetised during the extrusion and is usually multi-polar. This means that it has alternating bands of North and South polarisaion which run the entire length of the strip.

Flexible magnetic strip can be cut with sharp scissors or a craft knife. Our flexible magnet is available with or without adhesive. Our adhesive backed flexible strip has premium TESA 4965 adhesive on the unmagnetised surface and a protective backing plastic to prevent it from acquiring dust or fluff.

Flexible sheet is often bonded to paper which can be used with normal inkjet or laserjet printers. It is available in either matt or gloss finishes.

Flexible ferrite magnets have an MGOe of approximately 0.85.


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Refunds are only issued upon receipt of the returned goods. The address to send returns to is:

Guy's Magnets Ltd
Unit 11 Bath Road Business Centre
Bath Road
SN10 1XA

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Who are we?

We are a small family company based in Devizes, Wiltshire. Guy, the man behind the company, is passionate about everything magnetic. He spends a lot of time sourcing top quality magnets from reputable manufacturers.

We specialise in top quality magnets and magnetic products. We stock a large range of craft, ceramic (ferrite), neodymium, alnico, samarium cobalt and flexible magnets as well as the ever popular environmental range including the Fuel and Gas Misers and the Limescale Goodbye.


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