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Super happy with everything! A superb internet-shopping-for-magnets experience!

AH - 13:33, 9th July 2018


Ordered late on Friday, items arrived Wednesday very well packaged. Lot's of emails letting me know status of order and tracking number.

Couldn't of asked for more but there was also a little surprise in the box that made my day.

I now have 80 strong magnets to put my evil plan into action. :)

A McCallum - 20:47, 6th December 2017

Guys Magnets

One of the best companies I have ever had the pleasure to deal with fantastic range of products, technical support from Guy & Liese is superb and prices are competitive
Thanks again for another seamless transaction

Bob Bentley - 15:40, 20th February 2017

Thank you

Dear Liese

Thanks for your email. I have now received the magnets and they were separated as promised.

I'd like you to know that your communication and your consistency are the main reasons I only buy magnets from yourselves.

Thank you,



P H - 12:08, 8th June 2016

We are extremely pleased with these products.

Recently purchased magnets from you to try as a last resort to fix problem with my c/h boiler and hard water After 3 years of problems and spending hundreds of pounds the boiler if now working as it should. All I have done is fit the magnets to the cold water inlet and another set on the c/h return pipe. After a few weeks the system started to operate as it should If theses simple magnets have fixed the system for good they are amazing and I would suggest every c/h system is fitted with them. We are extremely pleased with these products. Thanks

Richard Housden, St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK - 14:16, 23rd July 2015

Impressive customer service

Hi there

I just wanted to say thank you very much indeed for the magnets which arrived this morning. I was very impressed with the customer service, communications, high quality packaging and great quality magnets. I have just ordered a few more!
I will pass your details on to friends! (My cousin gave me your details in the first place because he had some of your magnets when we vsiisted and my son thought they were really cool!)

All the best,


Julie Daniel - 10:51, 20th October 2010

Thank you.

19 August 2009

 "We are always happy to consider suggestions from our customers."

It's a 'Thank You' for the 'Thank Yous' !!

Firstly PLEASE feel free to quote me as recommending, at least the products I have bought, so far.
OR, if you want to use my e-mail address for reference, that's fine, all in good faith and no strings attached.

What I said in my three 'feedbacks' wasn't enough.

I got a shock - a good one, when I tested the neo-dymium magnets on my gas boiler. I followed your,(probably not prominent enough), instructions and honestly can say that the heat was nearly unbearable, when I felt the 'out' pipe. The boiler is now set at its lowest. There is only a 'manual' dial. I turned it down from 'Five to 12' to 'Twenty to 12'. Two hours previous to this I had run it at 'normal' with no magnets and the hot 'out' pipe was my normally  set temperature. It's a good job I have thermostatically controlled valves on the radiators now that I have fitted the magnets!!

Obviously, it's too soon to tell about the car's performance, but if the domestic gas improvement is anything to go by, well I'm in for more savings AND the environment too!!

Some of the ring magnets are going to be used for an A5 size music file, they're going to strung together and clipped in place on the front and back inside covers. This file is then placed on my iron music stand - doesn't move in the wind. Pages are held by a strip of flat steel, by the use of the magnets. Plenty strong enough to do all the work! I'll have a few left over which I'll experiment with!!

I haven't checked to see whether you do these for water, but if you don't you should.

I have had a broken huge speaker magnet, ordinary ferric, on my water inlet pipe and it has saved my de-scaling the shower unit by about a quarter. In fact I haven't had to de-scale it for about 6 years. I brought it with me from my other property. I must admit though the water was a little 'harder' there. My taps have been calcium-free all the time, since moving into this property, nine years ago. 

                                   Yours in good faith, 
                                                           Peter Clive-Francis

Peter Clive-Francis - 21:22, 19th August 2009