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How many Fuel Misers do I need?

  • The units can be used on ANY engine be it car, van, boat, outboard, large goods vehicle, bus, motorbike, scooter, large plant, etc. With bigger engines, more than one pair of units may be required.
  • It is suitable for vehicles with fuel injectors, turbochargers or normally aspirated and with or without catalytic converters.
  • Diesel engines with mechanical injectors require one pair of units on EACH injector line.
  • As a rule of thumb, you will need one unit for every 1200cc. So for a 2 litre vehicle we would recommend two units.
  • On large diesel engines (including lorries, boats, combine harvesters etc) you will need one Fuel Miser on each injector line.
  • We have satisfied customers who are reporting up to 29% fuel savings although our testing has produced results in the region of 5-8%.
  • Other suppliers claim that the magnets improve the performance of the vehicle, we have not found this in our testing on a reasonably modern car but some improvement may be seen on older vehicles.
  • The magnets should be kept a reasonable distance (30cm) from any computer on your vehicle.
  • If you replace your vehicle, simply cut the cable tie and remove the Fuel Miser units and then, using a new cable tie available from all DIY/Hardware retailers, fix it to your new vehicle.