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Guy's Magnets Magnet Testing Kit: Electronic Pole Tester + Pole Sensor Foil

Guy's Magnets Magnet Testing Kit: Electronic Pole Tester + Pole Sensor Foil

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This is a testing kit for all types of magnets and contains both Pole Sensor Foil and an Electronic Pole Tester.

Electronic Pole Tester:

  • Sensitivity: +/- 15mT on/off hysteresis
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0C to +50C
  • Storage Temperature -20C to +70C
  • Battery information: 4 x LR44/A76 (1.5V each) included. Video instructions for battery insertion
  • Includes pen top clip for convenience.
  • All batteries are brand new and have been fitted and tested by us, immediately prior to dispatch

This simple device gives a clear and simple indication of what pole is being measured at the tip of the device using two LEDs (Green=South, Red=North). It is both small enough to fit in the pocket and tough enough to withstand hard use.

The LEDs are marked N and S making mis-reading the pole impossible.(Green=South, Red=North)

This is an essential gadget for many industrial uses including the manufacture of pumps and guitar pick-ups. It is also believed (although unsubstantiated) that magnets used for magnetic therapy should have the south pole facing into the body.

Supplied, fitted and tested with 4 LR44 (1.5V) batteries. Includes pen top clip for convenience.

Pole Sensor Foil

  • Length - 55 mm (2.16") +/-1mm manufacturers tolerance
  • Width - 50 mm (2") +/-1mm manufacturers tolerance
  • Length of viewing window - 35 mm (1.37") +/-1mm manufacturers tolerance
  • Width of viewing window - 35 mm (1.37") +/-1mm manufacturers tolerance
  • Maximum Thickness - 1 mm (2.08") +/-0.15mm manufacturers tolerance
  • Weight - 1.8g each
  • Protective Coating - Cardboard to rear to protect the film from getting scratched
  • Maximum Temp - 50°C / 122°F
  • Made by Guy's Magnets in Devizes, UK

Do you remember those experiments in school with iron filings and magnets? This is an easier way to see a static magnetic field and a lot less messy!

This is a micro-encapsulated foil of set within a cardboard holder to protect the rear of the film from damage. Each card has a viewing window of 35 x 35mm. When it's held directly onto the surface of a magnetic material it will instantly reveal the magnetic field of any shape or pattern. A handy cross on the reverse indicates where to hold the magnet so that it's central to the viewing window.

It's used in quality control (weak spots or cracks in magnets show up as spots or lines), product demonstration, education, reverse engineering and product authentication but it's also a lot of fun. In three of the pictures above we've placed it over a magnet - flexible strip, a neodymium disk and a neodymium block magnet. Flexible strip is 'multi-polar' which means they have stripes of alternating north and south polarisation. The film clearly shows this. Each dark stripe represents a stripe of the flexible strip polarised in a single direction. The bright stripes in between the dark ones show where the poles meet and the magnetism from each stripe is cancelled out. When it's used on a stack of magnets it shows the interplay between the poles of each magnet in the stack which can be very beautiful.

Once the foil is removed from the magnet the image remains for some time before it disipates. However, if you want to use the foil again instantly, you can but it will erase the previous image at the same time.

LengthTester: 143mm / Foil: 55 mm
WidthTester: 19mm / Foil: 50 mm
ThicknessTester: 22mm / Foil: 1 mm
Max Temp50°C / 122°F
Weight0.0328 Kg
Magnet Testing Kit: Electronic Pole Tester + Pole Sensor Foil

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