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What magnets do I need for my guitar pickup?

We are not experts on guitars or on pick ups but we hope the following is useful:

Different Guitars require different magnets for different strings. The following are the details of different types of pickups for different guitars:

Useful Information

  • Tele® bridge pickups are always south up.
  • Tele® neck pickups were north up but became south up in the mid 1950s.
  • Strat® were north up until 1960 when they became south up and remained this way with the exception of some of the newer models such as the 'Texas Specials'.
  • From 1957 the Jazzmaster has a north and south to make them hum-cancelling in the middle position. The same is true of the Jaguar, Mustang and Jazz Bass-paralleling Gibsons' new humbucking pickup.
  • The P-Bass has one part of the pickup north and the other south to make it hum-cancelling. Early P-Basses with the Tele-style headstock had a Strat-shaped single coil pickup Gibson P90s are always south up and the PAF humbuckers are south on the screwside and north up on the slug side.

Guitar pick up diagram Strat 1970s flush polepieces

Guitar pick up diagram Strat vintage staggered polepieces

Guitar pick up diagram Tele bridge pickup staggered polepieces

Guitar pick up diagram Tele neck pickup