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This week, in the world of Guy’s Magnets, has been all about the kids and the impending long summer school holidays.  Rainy days are not, generally, fun for parents.  The kids slouch around watching TV or playing on a variety of techy devices when they should be doing something…anything!

So we decided it was time to put together a selection of novel, handmade, fridge magnets which kids can make over the holidays with a little parental supervision.  Thus, the Guy’s Magnets’s Pinterest account was born.

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These little minions are all ready to be made into fridge magnets

We originally decided we would just concentrate on crafting projects, but in our hunt for interesting and fun ideas, we started to come across what can only be described as ‘ingenious’ uses for magnets and the ‘Magnets in DIY‘ board was created.

It’s not going to stop here!  We are now finding all kinds of ideas that we had never thought of before, including using corks and magnets to make miniature plant pots – who wouldhave thought that old wine corks could do this!

We’ve also found some magnetic experiements that you can try at home.  We will continue to look for magnetic solutions and experiments and will add them to our Pinterest boards as we find them.

Cardboard tubes, magnets and pompoms - the quietest marble run ever

Have you made something with magnets?  Have you made a tutorial or blog about it?  If you would like us to share it on our Pinterest boards, please add your link in the comments.  (All comments are moderated).

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