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Hama Bead / Perler Bead fridge magnets tutorial

We’ve showcased a lot of fridge magnet ideas on Pinterest, but now it’s tutorial time!

Our youngest assistant (6) has made three hama bead designs while on school holidays.  These have been ironed to weld them together and removed from the peg boards.

Ready to start

Turn the designs over, ironed side up

Turn the designs over, ironed side up


We are now ready to start turning them fridge magnets.  We have decided to use some self adhesive flexible magnetic strip for this project because it is easy for children to use and does not require glue so there is less mess!  The strip is in a continuous length, but all you need is a pair of sharp kitchen or craft scissors or, a craft knife.




Turn the designs over so that the ironed side is facing upwards.  You are now ready to measure out and cut the lengths of strip you need.


Cut the magnetic strip to length

The flexible magnetic strip appears to be black on one side and brown on the other.  The brown colouring is the pinky/red plastic backing which protects the adhesive.  Lay the strip over the designs and cut pieces off to the required length.







We used three pieces each on the star and hexagon design because flexible magnetic strip is not very strong and because we wanted to make sure the design did not bow too much.  With the flower, we decided to support all five petals and both leaves.

Peel off the protective backing






Now you have the lengths you need, you are ready to stick them to your designs.  The adhesive is TESA 4965 adhesive which is a very strong adhesive and is suitable for external use.  It sticks instantly, but if you leave it for a few hours, the bond gets stronger.

Start to peel off the pinky/red plastic backing to reveal the adhesive.

Allow the adhesive to stick to the design




Once revealved take care not to get fluff or fingers on the adhesive surface.  We prefer to place the partially exposed adhesive on the design and then peel the remaining plastic backing away then press the adhesive into place but, if you prefer, you can peel the whole backing plastic off and then position it.  Once you have it lined up, press down firmly.






Once you have all the adhesive in place, your magnets are finished! Simply put them on your fridge.


In pride of place on the fridge

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