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Magnetic behaviour charts for the fridge

Magnetic reward charts for kids

Behaviour reward charts are a fantastic parenting tool but they often need to be reinforced over and over before the child routinely follows your rules.  There are loads of charts available to download and print, but these are all single use and only last for one week.  What if you want to be able to re-use them?

This is a common occurrence in our house, particularly with table manners and household chores.  We have come up with a magnetic solution.

Firstly, thanks to for their invaluable guide to using reward charts and, more importantly, for their free, download and printable Reward Charts.  We’ve used two monster charts in this blog, but we have also used fairy princess one.

Magnetic behaviour charts for the fridgeWhat you will need:

You need a laminator, laminating pouches, a pen, sharp scissors, a length of 1/2″ wide flexible magnetic strip and some fridge magnets.  We used our magnetic whiteboard magnets because they’re bright and cheerful and easy to use.

Equipment for magnetic behaviour chartOnce you’ve filled in your chart, laminate it and then you’re ready to start adding the flexible magnetic strip.

We recommend using two long pieces of the flexible magnetic strip, one at the top and one at the bottom, to keep the chart taught and flat on the fridge.

Adding the magnetic strip to the behaviour chartOnce you’ve got the magnetic strip cut, peel back the plastic backing, align the magnetic strip and press into place!

That’s it, it couldn’t be easier.  Put it on your fridge, and add the bright coloured magnets ever time your child manages to succeed.

Don’t forget to find a reward at the end of the week that they can aim for.  In our house, our daughter earns a trip to the park if she does her household chores every week, our son earns an extra hour of iPad time on a Sunday if he has good table manners for a week.



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