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Magnets will revolutionise refridgeration!

A report in Txchnologist indicates that a revolution in domestic and commercial refridgeration is on the horizon.

Traditional refridgeration uses a coolant which is expanded and contracted causing a change in pressure.  As the coolant expands and the pressure drops, it causes cooling of the vapour and a fan then blows over the coolant pushing cold air into the refridgeration unit.

Scientists have found, however, that this mechanical process can be replaced with alloys and magnets.  The alloys warm or cool depending upon their proximity to a magnetic field.

ORNL says magnetic refrigeration “is a promising alternative to the vapor compression systems used in today’s appliances”  In theory, using the magnetic refridgeration system could reduce energy consumption by 25% per unit.  Although they appliances would be slightly more expensive than the traditionally cooled appliances.

The green credentials don’t stop there.  The traditional coolant is hard to recycle at the end of a the fridge/freezer/air conditioner’s life however in the magnetic model, these would be replaced with a cheaper water based liquid.

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