Glue and Adhesive Advice

One of the most regular questions we get asked is “What glue should I use?”  To try to provide all the relevant details, we’ve made a short video giving the answers.    

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Postcard Fridge Magnets

If your fridge is anything like mine, it’s probably covered in postcards that have been sent from relatives around the world. Currently decorating my fridge are postcards from Malta, USA, Germany and deepest darkest Wiltshire! Keeping the postcards in place requires magnets, but we’ve had a bit of a brainwave – why not change the postcard into fridge magnets? That … Continue reading

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Magnets will revolutionise refridgeration!

A report in Txchnologist indicates that a revolution in domestic and commercial refridgeration is on the horizon. Traditional refridgeration uses a coolant which is expanded and contracted causing a change in pressure.  As the coolant expands and the pressure drops, it causes cooling of the vapour and a fan then blows over the coolant pushing cold air into the refridgeration … Continue reading

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Craft Project – Glass beads, pictures and magnets

  We love these handmade fridge magnets. The glass pebbles are about 15mm in diameter you can use either a small neodymium disk or our 12x3mm or 14x3mm ferrite disks   Tutorial: Pebble Rings and Magnets: Guest Post by Mandy of Something Monumental

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