Postcard Fridge Magnets

If your fridge is anything like mine, it’s probably covered in postcards that have been sent from relatives around the world. Currently decorating my fridge are postcards from Malta, USA, Germany and deepest darkest Wiltshire! Keeping the postcards in place requires magnets, but we’ve had a bit of a brainwave – why not change the postcard into fridge magnets? That … Continue reading

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Magnetic Christmas Decorations

It’s 8am on Christmas Eve and we’ve brought our two little helpers into the unit this morning in preparation for shutting after the post is collected. They’re a little bored so we’ve come up with a plan using some old Christmas decorations and some magnets! We’ve used: Cheap plastic baubles Wired ribbon Self Adhesive flexible magnetic strip Self Adhesive 10x1mm … Continue reading

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