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Google image search results for pram corsage

Magnetic pram corsages and charms

We receive a lot of enquiries about which magnets are needed to make pram flowers, pram corsages and pram charms. We thought it about time we put together a blog article about it. We’ve hunted for a tutorial specifically for making pram corsages or flowers but if they’re available, we couldn’t find them. What we did find was hundreds of image results on Google for pram flowers, pram corsages and pram charms.

Google image search results for pram corsage

Having failed to find a specific tutorial, we realised that there are tutorials for making ribbon corsages and flowers on YouTube  and these can all be easily adapted to make magnetic pram corsages or flowers, with or without the addition of bead charms.  We won’t pretend to be experts on making these, but we do know what magnets you will need and the best way to fix them to the corsage!


WARNING:  Pram corsages and charms are a choking hazard and, therefore, you must make sure that the baby cannot remove them from the hood of the pram.  

The magnets you use need to be strong enough that the most determined toddler cannot remove them.  We recommend a minimum 20mm diameter x 3mm thick neodymium disk magnet.



Most magnetic pram corsages/flowers are fixed to either side of the pram hood by a length of ribbon and two magnets, one either side of the pram hood.

The best way to fix them is to cut the ribbon so that you have the length you want to use plus 6cm (2.25 inches).

A word about glue.  With neodymium magnets, you should not use a hot melt glue gun.  The glue can get too hot for the magnets.  A crafting glue will not be strong enough for the strength of the magnets and, therefore, we recommend using either a 2-part epoxy resin, Superglue which will bond metal and fabric or a contact adhesive which bonds metal and fabric.  If in doubt, please check in your local hardware or DIY shop to find the most suitable glue.

Glue one 20x3mm neodymium disk magnet so that you have a 3cm tail of ribbon to the end.  You are going to make a pocket from the ribbon so put some glue on top of the magnet and fold the 3cm tail over the glue.  Use extra glue to fix the last little bit of tail to the rest of the ribbon.  To make it neater, sew the edges if required.

You now need to repeat this at the other end of the ribbon. Check to see which side of the magnet will attract to the one already glued to the back of the corsage.  BE CAREFUL!  If you let the magnets jump, they may shatter.  Once you’ve worked out which way around it needs to be, glue it to the ribbon, again leaving a 3cm tail.  Put some glue on the top surface of the magnet and again, fold the 3cm tail over the top of the glue and fix it with glue to the rest of the ribbon.  Your magnets are now concealed inside the ribbon.  Glue one end to the back of your ribbon corsage.

Once the glue has set this easy and simple pram decoration is ready for use!


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