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6 washi tape peg fridge magnets on a fridge

Washi Peg fridge magnets tutorial

We’ve discovered Washi Tape and it’s beautiful!

After some discussion, we decided to use it to make pretty peg fridge magnets using some wooden pegs and some neodymium magnets.

Finished washi peg fridge magnets

Washi Peg Fridge Magnets

The first job was to measure the width of the pegs which turned out to be just over 9mm so we used 9x1mm neodymium disk magnets for this project.

You will need...

You will need:

  • Washi Tape
  • Wooden Pegs
  • Scissors or a craft knife (and cutting board)
  • 9x1mm neodymium disk magnets
  • Strong Glue – we used one from a local hardware / DIY shop that said it would bond to metal and to wood. Superglue can’t be used because the wood is too porous.


Separate the peg.  You only need to put tape on one flat piece of the peg, the other will be against the fridge and not seen.

Cut the washi tape to length, allowing a little extra for trimming.

Stick tape to the peg, use your scissors to get the tape into the groove

Because the pegs have a grove for the spring, the tape needs to be carefully eased into the groove.  We used the closed scissors to ease it into the corners gently.

Trim the excess tapeTrimmed and ready for reassembly

Trim any excess washi tape using scissors or, if you prefer, a craft knife.

You are now ready to reassemble the peg. Take care because you don’t want the washi tape to be torn by the spring!

Your peg is now ready for the magnets!  The glue we used was Evostick “Serious Glue” which allowed us to reposition the magnets up to 3 minutes after applying the glue, and was fully set after 2 hours.  We put a tiny dot of glue on the back of the peg, just above the spring.

Glue the neodymium disk to the back of the peg

All done and they look fantastic!

We tested them on our office fridge and each peg comfortably held 6 sheets of A4 size paper which is approximately 36g.

6 washi tape peg fridge magnets on a fridgeWashi tape peg magnet holding child's artwork on a fridge

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